Petty Corruption Must Be Made a Big Issue in Indian Elections

Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh on Unsplash

Nowhere else the ugliness of modern Indian society become more apparent than at the service window of government offices. Here the government workers manning these windows behave in most obnoxious a manner by infantilizing the public and by creating artificial hurdles for the public, to extract their pound of flesh from them. One can feel the weight of history, customs and traditions while forking out a sum for getting a service which is one’s birth right and which is the reason for the very existence of these government offices and their officials.

Indians who are accustomed to layers upon layers of parasitic funguses on their existence, first pay taxes (direct and indirect) and then pay surcharge on these taxes for the upkeep of these departments and then the day they need any legitimate work done by the government like getting a driving license, a marriage certificate or getting their property registered they first face disorder, then insult, and then incompetence (either inherent or deliberate), forcing them to overlook their self-respect and their values to offer bribe and then sheepishly leave the office premises after being forced to be a little obsequious to the sitting official as if he has done a big favour to them.

The big corruption in government ministries was an issue in 2014 general elections but somehow the issue of everyday petty corruption got overlooked in all the din about corruption in telecom bandwidth auctions and real estate markets. Even though that din was as loud as it gets, the anti-corruption movement soon fizzled out as for normal public the word corruption invokes images of everyday petty corruption and not of dealings in the highest echelons of government.

Corruption is the real bane of Indian society and a party which will focus on this issue is bound to get a mileage which other parties which focus on artificial emotive issues will never be able to drive specially since these issues have been overused and are very less likely to work in the 2024 elections with voters of new generation. However, the starting point for any anti-corruption campaign is the everyday petty corruption, removal of which will not only ease the life of the masses but will also result in massive productivity improvement resulting in prosperity all around.